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Day 1-3:

A) Escrow gets opened. This is done by the Title/Escrow company on your behalf.

B) You get an email from escrow company with instructions on how to wire in your earnest money. Must be done by Day 3, 11am (so please don’t wait and do it by EOD on Day 2)

C) Reply to escrows email when complete to confirm. 


Day 4-14:

A) Answer your lenders calls and any documentation they need, get it for them as quickly as possible.

B) Start your IRA retirement loan, cashing out stocks or collecting gift funds, if applicable. 

Day 15-25:

A) Relax, it’s the calm before the storm weeks. 

B) Don’t open any new credit! Not a department store card, credit card, new car, etc. 

C) Don’t buy furniture on credit card and no large purchases on credit. Wait until you have new keys in hand before buying anything more than necessities. 

Day 26-28:

A) All the final paperwork will be drawn up and you will get a copy to review from escrow.

B) You will get instructions from escrow on where to wire the remaining of the down payment/closing cost.

C) An appointment to sign your docs will be made with a (sometimes mobile) notary.

D) Your three-day right of rescission will expire. Your three-day right of rescission is the last chance you have to back out of the transaction before the mortgage funds are officially issued in your name. If you back out, you lose your earnest money, but you’re not obligated to purchase the home.

Day 29/30:

A) You will wire the remaining funds, per escrows instructions.

B) You will meet with the notary and sign all documentation.

C) Escrow will review all signed docs to make sure everything is in order.

Day 30:

A) All documentation is sent to the county in Washington to be recorded and the deed is then placed in your name.

B) I meet with the listing agent to collect your new house keys.
C) We will meet at your new home for me to give you the keys.

.....whew, you made it. You now own the home! Let's celebrate!


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Jack Sullivan
NMLS: 2136893

Dedicated Mortgage Professional
Fast Track Mortgage 


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